Statement of Services

IMG_3743Forming a positive, interpersonal, therapeutic relationship with the patient is important to help them develop effective coping skills and foster a deeper self-knowledge, in order to experience a sustainable whole self.  It is important that the person, who seeks these services with me, also comes to believe in themselves and in their own potential for achieving wholeness, healing and strength.  I utilize empathetic, supportive language and other therapeutic methods to enhance and actualize your treatment success.  I have been working effectively with patients for more than 10 years, creating a warm and naturally therapeutic environment. Therapy is also conducted using cognitive-behavioral treatments to change thinking and behaviors, which are solution-focused and results-oriented.  Patients experience positive and integral change, resulting in healthy and empowering transformation. Through this processing you will notice a decrease in anxiety and depression and improvements in independent functioning, happiness and overall well being.


Some specialties include providing educational/behavioral support to school-aged children and adolescents.  I work with parents to empower them to co-parent more effectively by improving communication skills and creating healthy boundaries. Couples will find improvement in their relationship through increased effective communication and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other